TRANSITIONAL Living Program for youth

The transitional housing program for youth (18-25 years old) offers scattered-site transitional housing, with a maximum stay of 18 months. Participants receive supportive services during and after their transition for an additional 6-12 months, totaling up to 30 months of services. Transitional Housing is committed to removing the barriers that prevent low-income individuals from securing permanent stable housing in the District of Columbia.

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This 18-month transitional program is distinguished as three separate phases; each culminating in an evaluation of the client’s participation and progress in the program for the previous six months. Clients demonstrating sufficient progress are granted an extension for an additional six months and move on to the next phase of the cycle. Clients who do not show evidence of adequate progress may be terminated from the program.

Adjustment Phase months 1 - 6 The first six months is designated for client adjustment to the program and new living environment, with casework emphasis on employment and/or
Implementing Phase months 6-12 During months 6-12 the clients work with staff to tackle issues of budgeting, establishing or improving credit, and maintaining employment.
Transitional Phase months 12 -18 During the last phase clients fully focus on their transition out of the program into permanent housing. The two overarching goals for the client throughout the program are to secure permanent housing, and improve personal finances.
Follow Up and Support Phase months 18- 24 Once clients have completed the program they are automatically enrolled in the aftercare program; participation in the aftercare program is voluntary and is left up to the discretion of the client. Clients may continue receiving aftercare services after 24 months based on the circumstances of their situation and the availability of staff.

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